Fishing magnet - 55 KG magnetic pull force



Very good beginner magnet for kids.


Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 8,5 mm
Zinc coated steel.


If you order it as a set, you also get a 15 M long rope with.

The rope is 10mm thick, and has a breaking strain brudstyrke up to 250 KG.The robe exists in the colour: red, yellow and green and is without a carbine.

If you have som special requests to a certain colour of the rope, then write it in the comment box when you are about to place your order.

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More info

This powerful magnet is tested on the basis of what it is capable of pulling from a metal plate.

The magnet particularly lends itself to freshwater, namely lake, well and stream.
After use it is highly reccomended to rinse the magnet with water and thereafter dry it.
If you anyway want to use the magnet in salt water, you have to wash and rinse the magnet immediately after use to keep the durability intact. Otherwise the magnet rust away will in the long term.

The magnet can naturally also be used to a lot of other things. Only the imagination set the boundaries.


Should not be in contact with children, because they can get their fingers caught.