Fishing magnet - 400 KG magnetic pull force



Magnet fishing

Strong double-sided fishing magnet by the brand: Treasuremagnet.
This fishing magnet has a total magnetic pull force at 400KG (2x200KG), that meets most people needs.
The magnet is delivered in a practical storagepackage with an appertaining  extra hook and with an instruction manual. 

Starter kit (Save up to 49,-)

  • 1 400KG fishing manget
  • 1 rope - 20m x 6 mm. 
  • 1 pair of latex gloves - size 11

More info


  • Diameter: 67 mm
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Zinc coated steel.
  • The magnet is 800 gram

The magnet is tested on the basis of what it is capable of pulling from a metal plate.