Enova GyrFalcon All-44


Kvalitetsoplader fra Enova med mulighed for opladning af hele 4 stk 26650 på én gang. Denne 4 portsoplader er blevet anbefalet på lygte-info.dk

Lygte-info.dk skriver bla. "I will rated this charger as a very good charger, especially if you have many different types of cells.

Oplades via medfølgende 220V adapter.

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  • Type: 4-slot Li-ion Battery Charger;
  • Input – DC 12V 4A
  • Output – Ni-MH 1.5V, LiFePO4 3.6V, Li-ion 4.2V / 4.3V / 4.35V
  • Output Current – selectable .1A / .25A / .5A / 1A
  • Intelligent lithium ion battery charger
  • Digital display with charging indicators for each channel
  • Compatible with most sizes of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries ranging from 10440 to 32650 as well as NiMH and NiCd AA, AAA, AAA, C, D, etc
  • Automatically stops when charging is complete and prevents batteries from being over-charged
  • Features reverse polarity protection if you accidentally insert a battery the wrong way


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